Organic snacks

NON-FRIED CORN SNACK from organic farming

S nack Italy offers consumers another great opportunity to choose food products that meet their dietary requirements but are also certified organic. Under the brand “BYA”

Opting for organic products has a number of advantages: ingredient cultivation methods are carefully selected and monitored, no genetically modified organisms are allowed, organic products do not contain chemical substances, inspections are carried out by control bodies.

Thanks to this process, Snack Italy can offer consumers, including celiacs who want to follow as natural a diet as possible, food products that are safe from several points of view, as well as greater guarantees throughout the whole production chain for a quality product.

50% less fat compared to average similar products on the market.
Dietetic gluten-free product

BYA product line

Chickpeas flavor
organic snack 40g

Lentils flavor
organic snack 40g

Peas flavor
organic snack 40g